It's no surprise that together with every business in the world, we have to adapt to still trade during these difficult times.  Our coverage will remain the same, but here are some fact's that you must take note of as they could impact your delivery

  • The delivery times are a guide, they are liable to change should the country experience local lockdowns, further restrictions, road closures or crackdowns on direct home delivery

  • There are some areas of the country we may be unable to cover despite the postcodes being in our coverage zones.  This will only happen in the government put restrictions in place regarding visiting those areas

  • Delivery is to the external groundfloor of your property if the driver can manage alone, if he is unable to manage alone, then delivery is to the rear of his vehicle.  We imagine we will get grief over this, however all grief should be directed to the government as these guidelines have been set by them and not us.  You are already aware that  nobody is allowed to enter your property.

  • When you are offered a date please accept it, even if you have to change your plans or make arrangements.  The world is moving online so freight is getting impossible. The next date will be 7-21 days later.

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