The service you have purchased is explained on your sellers listing, it is also laid out in this site (click here).


  • You know you have to offer assistance on the day for large / heavy items without exception so please don't say you weren't aware or even worse leave your 92 year old grandma to take delivery of a Wardrobe as you are "too busy". We are the cheapest in the UK as we are one man - if you need 2 man please choose another courier and pay 3 times what we charge.  

  • You know the slot you are getting delivery so please please be in.  We won't wait for you more than 15 mins (someone actually said they have nipped out and will be back at 4pm - despite getting a 9-12 delivery slot!). 

  • If your address doesn't have a door number we won't find you easily so help us help you by giving us pointers.  Worse still some people don't even give us a road name.  Remember you don't want to be held up and neither does our driver.

  • The driver won't "pop it upstairs" or walk a mile down the street to get it in the back of your house.  Contract is to the closest ground floor entrance to your property to where the van is parked.  If the van has to park 300m form your property, delivery is 300m from your property. 

  • Distribution is the hardest part of any retailers chain, we try to be crystal clear in the service we offer so there are no surprises.  Drivers have to deal with traffic, congestion, diversions, weather, stress and fatigue in order to deliver our promise, so please do your bit to make sure everything goes according to plan.