From Us

From You

  • Contract is to the ground floor entry point as long as we can park directly outside your property - each driver is amazing and will always help you, but are not obliged to.

  • One man Budget Service so assistance with large items is always required without exception

  • We will give you a slot within the dates we advertise.  Please work round that date, if you don't it's another 7-19 days

  • We will give you a guide time (normally a 3 hour window).  However as we cant foresee weather, traffic congestion, road closures, vehicle issues these are subject to change but we communicate at all times.

  • If for any reason your delivery is cancelled we will book another slot.  We will not pay any form of compensation or put up with abuse.  Sometimes in life problems happen that nobody can predict.

  • This is a budget service where you need to fit round us.  If you would like us to fit round you, please ask about our dedicated courier service which is priced per mile starting at £200.

  • If the item will not fit through doors / corridors, it's not our problem to deal with.  The driver will help you but will not take it back.  

  • Central London is always out of business hours, in fact 96% of London deliveries are Saturday morning 0630-0830am - so if you are a business be prepared to open early or please find an alternative service.

  • Please ensure you have assistance on the day without exception for large and bulky items.

  • Access needs to be suitable for 3.5 ton - 7.5 ton vehicle.  If not, please make arrangements

  • A house and Village name sounds lovely as an address, but the driver wont find you without a Door Number / Road Name / Postcode.  If you know your address is hard to find, please provide instructions.

  • We give you plenty of notice on your transport day and we even text when the driver is 30 mins away.  Please ensure you will be in as the driver will not wait longer than 15 mins.  If you are not home / awake / dont hear the phone etc etc, your item will be returned, the transport fee will be retained and you will need to pay another  transport fee.

  • You are responsible for advising the closest LEGAL parking point (if you are on a red route, bus lane, double yellows the courier will NOT break the law).