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This page is dedicated for the hundreds and hundreds of Collections we do for - one of the only Furniture Buying Sites in the UK.  If they have offered to purchase your furniture, it is important you read this section so you know how we proceed.  


They will have already given you a Collection Day and a Collection Slot, so please include that on the Confirmation Page of this website


In the space provided, please tell us what we're collecting - this allows us to cross match it with the information supplied by isyourhouse. Everyday we get people saying to the driver "they said they would take this as well" - they never.  The only item/s we are picking up are the ones as highlighted on the Collection Contract - we will not remove or dispose of any other unwanted items.


You have already agreed a price with them otherwise you would be here, so make sure you indicate the value on your confirmation so we can cross reference.  Please don't stick a few quid on like a lot of people do, it's so embarrassing for you when we question you about why you increased the amount without the buyers knowledge - "oh I got the wrong amount", "I forgot how much they said" and "It was a typo" are the most common fibs.  Isyourhouse never speak to anyone about money so there is a full email trail of all details relating to your sale - honestly nobody ever get's away with it.  The driver can pay you CASH ON COLLECTION, PAYPAL OR BANK TRANSFER ON COLLECTION (collections over £200 are Paypal or Bank Transfer only) - please confirm your preference on the Confirmation

The driver will always text when he is 10 - 30 mins away on the day to alert you of his arrival so please be ready for him.  They have an allocated slot of 15 mins to load your item/s unless otherwise agreed in writing by them.  As with all our Collections and Deliveries, we are a budget one man service.  You already know this as it forms part of their offer, so the driver expects you to offer assistance with large / heavy items.  Should the driver turn up and find himself without help or with you claiming you "weren't aware", he has been advised to drive away and cancel the collection.  


Remember isyourhouse is the only site in the UK which pays to collect your furniture so there is nothing for you to pay.

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