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Arranging deliveries across the UK is a challenging task, and we strive to make it as smooth as possible for you. To achieve that, we need to emphasize the information we require to plan your delivery effectively. While it may seem obvious, there are still people who believe we possess psychic abilities, hence the need for this clarification.


Door Number:

Providing a door number is crucial for our drivers to navigate accurately. Imagine a situation where the driver is searching for a house on a pitch-black road, and you haven't provided a door number. This lack of information can disrupt the entire delivery schedule, inconveniencing other customers. Let's avoid such scenarios by using a clear and specific address.

Road Name:

It's frustrating when address details are shared without a road name. Relying solely on postcodes is not a viable solution, as they can lead to incorrect locations. Please ensure you provide us with a road name to prevent delivery cancellations.


Before sending your address, take a moment to Google your postcode. In some cases, a single postcode may cover a vast area with numerous industrial units and houses. To ensure accurate delivery, provide us with additional details or consider using what3words if your property is in a new development without an active postcode or road name.

Delivery Instructions:

These instructions are crucial for us to find your house efficiently. Examples of helpful instructions include avoiding certain postcodes that lead to different villages, avoiding dead-end roads, or providing information about steep hills or challenging access points. Safety is our priority, and we won't risk delivering heavy loads in hazardous conditions.


If all else fails, consider using what3words to provide us with an accurate location. This innovative system divides the world into 3-meter squares, each assigned a unique combination of three words. It's a reliable and user-friendly way to identify precise locations.

At Teesside10, our focus is on delivering excellent service. We value feedback from both customers and retailers, and our no-nonsense approach has garnered positive responses. By providing us with all the necessary details, we can ensure a smooth and timely delivery with a happy and helpful driver. Remember, effective communication is a two-way street, and together, we can make the delivery process a success.

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