Thanks for considering us to help move your second hand furniture.  Hopefully you have read all about our standard of service and made the other party aware of the delivery details as outlined in the site (click here)

In order to offer a great quote we need every field of this form completing with as much information as possible.  We can only give a quote if we have a starting postcode and a finishing postcode.  If you are selling an item on eBay and want to put a delivery price on your listing before you know who the seller is, we are unable to assist.

We also need and item number or a link so we can confirm the item we are quoting on meets your description.  Someone once put a table and a few chairs when it was actually a 16ft Oak table and 16 chairs.

Like every furniture courier we do not insure anything with glass, mirrors, marble, tile or secondhand for damage, they will only be covered for loss at the sale / purchase amount.  Thinking your item is worth £2k is not the same as only paying £50 for it.